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SIMPLY SLOW is an online community presenting you inspiring stories from makers from around the globe. We put craft in the spotlight it deserves to create an inspiring awareness for authenticity. By simply getting together there is a lot to discover behind the everyday _

Refuse to be rushed
There is a lot to explore
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Embracing the art of authentic crafts and pure food, we want to inspire people to discover how unique everyday products are and seek the story behind them.  Brew a coffee, carving wood or baking sourdough bread: each of these authentic crafts is very common, we almost forget to value.


SIMPLY SLOW hosts a warehouse presenting you online inspiring makers from around the globe. We carefully curate our makers for their attention to the process of creation without losing an aesthetic eye. Our makers create contemporary pieces made with care and skill that are meant to be timeless. They all work with their hands – head & hearts, all simply and slow.

Get Togethers

Once in a while SIMPLY SLOW organizes small Get-Togethers to create an inspiring awareness for authenticity by cultivating community. With great pride we would like to introduce you to our makers offline.

Thank you all for your believe
Photography by
Jitske Hagens;
Danique van Kesteren;
Marjon Hoogervorst &
On a hazy morning
among others